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Reviews of things people buy and use - opinions by Jason Buchanan

A collection of reviews and opinions of things i've bought and used, and to continue creating web content in early 1990s style by using text editors like vi and Notepad.

I liken this content as a way to pass along what I consider to be common sense. The world has changed a great deal in the past 20 years but web page content is still open for anyone to publish and this is my on-going foray (albeit probably the fifth iteration) into that space.

I vividly remember the gold rush of "personal web pages" in the mid-90s, where the trendsetters created HTML and uploaded it to their ISP's personal web page server. Back in the day, this is how it was done long before Google+ or Facebook or Wordpress were contemplated on whiteboards. Unfortunately, the world has trundled into the direction of letting social media dictate the appearance and style of whatever someone wants to say. My way is black text on a solid white background, no cascading style sheets or rendered content. All of it edited with time and care, by hand, using vi. With that out of the way, onto the stuff I actually wanted to share.

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Clothing, Fabrics, etc.

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